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Maharashtra's Lavni DancesThe most famous dance form of Maharashtra is Lavani. Originated from the word 'lavanya' meaning beauty the dance is performed by the beautiful women in their traditional sari nauveri and is always accompanied by the songs relating to the social awareness, politics, religion, romance. These dancers swirl with the enchanting beats of the 'Dholak' a drum like musical instrument. Lavani dance was performed even at the times of Marathas to entertain and rejuvenate the spirit of tired soldiers at the time of war.

The credit of its popularity goes to the famous Marathi poets like Honaji Bala, Ramjoshi, Prabhakar etc. The Marathi ballads are also famous in the state, the ballads are called Povadas and utters the praises for the respected Marathi ruler Shivaji Maharaj. Don't miss the popular form of the folk theater Tamasha (ballad) developed in 16th century in the state where you can see the performances along with melodious romantic Lavani songs. Watch these lifetime performances in the land of Marathas that will sprawl out you to indulge in this saga of dancing and the music that energizes and bringing life to weary souls.

Lavani is a combination of traditional song and dance, which particulary performed to the enchanting beats of 'Dholak', an drum like instrument. This dance is performed by attractive women wearing nine-yard saris. The women gyrate on the pulsating beats of traditional music.

Maharashtra's Lavni DancesThe word Lavani originates from "Lavanya", meaning beauty. Earlier, this art form dealt with different and varied subject matters such as society, religion, politics, romance, etc. Lavani was used as a form of entertainment and morale booster to the tired soldiers during the 18th and 19th century Maratha battle. Many famous Marathi poets like Honaji Bala, Ramjoshi, Prabhakar, etc. contributed to the popularity of Lavani.

Lavani comprise of the elements of both, a traditional song and a folk dance. The dance is performed to the beats of 'Dholak', a drum like instrument, mainly by women. It is a wonder how these women, being draped in heavy nine-yard saris, manage to perform the dance movements with such elegance. In the earliest days, the dance form was used to highlight the various aspects of the society like religion, politics, romance, etc. In the 18th and 19th century, it came to be performed to entertain as well as motivate the tired soldiers of Maratha battle. Today, it is performed by people as a part of celebrations.
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