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Kala Dances, Maharashtra

Maharashtra's Kala DancesKala is another folk dance form that describes the playful attitude of Lord Krishna. This dance form features a pot symbolizing fertility. The main attraction of this dance is the beat and the rhythm. It is also based on the mischievous and teasing attitude of the Lord. Dancers also make use of a prop while dancing, which is nothing but a pot. This pot is believed to symbolize fertility. The beat and the rhythm of the Kala dance are what attract viewers to its performance.

Dhangari Gaja Dances, Maharashtra

Maharashtra's Dhangari Gaja DancesThis particular dance form is performed by Dhangars or shepherds of Sholapur district of Maharashtra. The Dhangars earn their living by rearing sheep and goats. Their poetry is mainly inspired by the evergreen trees all around. The poetry is in a form called 'Ovi' which is made up of couplets. These poems also contain tales of the birth of their God "Biruba", in simple and basic lines.

The Dhangari Gaja Dance is performed to please their God for his blessings. The traditional Marathi dresses that Dhangar dancers wear are, Dhoti, Angarakha, Pheta and a colorful handkerchiefs. The group of dancers surround the drum players and move at the rhythm.

Povadas Dances, Maharashtra

Maharashtra's Povadas DancesPovadas are Marathi ballads, describing the events in the life of the great Maharashtrian leader, Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He holds a highly respected position in the hearts the people of Maharashtra. Through these ballads they remember Shivaji, a great hero of his time.

Povadas is mainly a form of ballad, which revolves around the incidents surrounding the life of the great Maharashtrian leader, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The great ruler has always held a reverential position in the hearts of the Marathi people and even through these ballads; they seek to remember the great leader and his glorious life.

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