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Rajasthan's Fire DanceExpositions of stillness of the desert evening and the upsurge of life in the short-lived rainy season or helix are filled with rhythmic dance found in almost limitless variations in Rajasthan. The colourful people of Rajasthan live life to the hilt. After hard work in the remorseless, harsh desert sun and the rocky terrain, they seek a relief from their exhausting work by letting themselves enthrall in gay abandon. Their evocative and soulful music provides the perfect accompaniment to their vigorous and unsophisticated dancing.

The Thar Desert of Rajasthan comes animate when its dancers take the center stage. Rajasthan has great variety of dances, which are simple expressions of jollity and festivity. The dancers, the dances and costumes have made Thar the most colorful desert in the world. Each province adding its own form of dance styles and performer. There are a dance that follows a lineage of age old traditions, adhere to sacred consequence, display their daring attitude as well as complimenting various fairs and festivals.

Rajasthan's Ghoomar DanceGhoomar, a community dance for women performed on auspicious occasions. Gair Ghoomar, Raika, Jhoria and Gauri are particularly of Bhil tribe. Gair is performed on Holi but only by the men folk. Chari dance, with pots on the base and a lighted lamp, is popularly performed on marriage occasions or on the birth of a male child. Kalbelia dance is of the kalbelia tribe, the snake charmers. With numerous pots on the head, women surpass the balancing act in the Matka-bhawai. Terah taali, is a ritual for Baba Ramdev, a dance with thirteen manjiras. Other dances are Kachhi-Ghodi, Kathputli (the puppet dance), Fire dance, throb dance and various others pertaining to the particular tribes. Kathhak, a popular dance form being imported from Uttar Pradesh have been rejuvenated by the rajputana courts, with a style and theme of its own.

Simple, spur-of-the-moment, dancing is seen in their fairs and festival in the 'kudakna' of the 'meena' boys, the dancing, which goes with the 'rasiya' songs of 'Brajż, and the dancing by women and men where the women lug a pot or a lighted lamp on their head. In the 'charkula' dance of 'Brajż, an intricate lampstand replaces the single lamp.

Folk Dances of Rajasthan
Kalbeliya Dance
Rajasthan's kalbeliya DanceThe Kalbeliyas, is a snake-charmer community from Rajasthan, which performs the Kalbeliya dance. They rely heavily on this dance performance for their living. The Kalbeliya women dancers wear long, black coloured, drindled-skirts heavily worked with embroidery and light-coloured thread along with small pieces of mirrors. This costume draws the attention in a somewhat strange way.

Terah Taali Dance
Rajasthan's Terah Tali DancePerformed by the members of the Kamada tribe, Terah Taal Dance, Rajasthan is one of the ancient performing arts of Rajasthan. Performed with Manjeeras and other metallic instruments, Terah Taal Dance, Rajasthan is one of the most entertaining dance forms of Rajasthan and attracts tourists from all over. gives online information about Terah Taal Dance, Rajasthan and other tourist attractions of Rajasthan and other parts of India.

Chari Dances
Rajasthan's Chari Dance"This is a famous dance of females belonging to gujjar community of Kishangarh. These ladies carry brass pots on their heads balancing it to perfection. Often these pots are kept ignited with the cotton seeds dipped in oil. These lit pots display beautiful effect in the dark night.

Ghoomar Dance
Rajasthan's Ghoomar DanceThe Ghoomar dance is a very famous and a community dance of women in Rajasthan. It is performed on various auspicious occasions like fairs & festivals. It is called as `Ghoomar`, from the `ghoomna` of Ghaghra i.e. the flowing of Ghaghra, a long skirt of the Rajasthani women.

Bhawai Dance
Rajasthan's Bhawai DanceOne of the most spectacular performing arts of Rajasthan, Bhawai Dance Rajasthan is a traditional folk dance that can be traced to the feudal era. A thrilling pot balancing dance of the snake charmer tribe, Bhawai or Bhavai is performed with immense skill.

Kachhi Ghodi Dance
Rajasthan's kachhi Ghodi DanceThe centuries of history that has piled up behind Rajasthan has resulted, among other things, in the accumulation of a very rich folk culture. The Kachhi Ghodi Dance Rajasthan is one of the most popular Folk Dances In Rajasthan.

Fire Dance
Rajasthan's Fire DanceThe Jasnathis of Bikaner and Chum are well known for their tantric powers throughout Rajasthan and this dance is the marvelous example of their lifestyle. The dance takes place on a large ground, which is spread with live wood and charcoal. On this ground, the Jasnathi men and boys jump on to the fire with the accompaniment of drum beats.

Langa Dance
Rajasthan's Langa DanceThe vast unending expanse of burning hot sand that makes up the Thar Desert of Rajasthan hosts one of the most vibrant and evocative music cultures of the world. The heady, hypnotic combination of rhythm and melodies sung and played by the Langas and Manganiars are part of the eternal appeal of this mysterious and wondrous land.

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