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Mizoram's Bamboo DancesThe Mizos, blessed as they are with a beautiful environment and rich culture, are vibrant and sociable people. They love to dance as much as they love to sing. They can boast of a number of folk and community dances which have been handed down from one generation to the other through the ages. The dances are expressions of the gay, carefree spirit of the Mizos.

It should be mentioned here that these dances are not intended for stage performances, rather, they have been evolved for community involvement and participation.

Folk Dances of Mizoram
Bamboo Dance
Mizoram's Bamboo Dances This Dance is known as "Bamboo Dance", because bamboos are used in this dance. The dancer moves by stepping alternatively in and out from between and acroos a pair of horizontal bamboos, held against the ground by people sitting face to face at either sides. They tap the bamboos, open and close in rhythmic beats. The bamboos placed horizontally, are supported by two bases, one at each end.

Khuallam Dance
Mizoram's Khuallam DancesKhuallam (Dance of the Guests) is a dance performed during the ceremony called 'Khuangchawi'. During this ceremony, the guest invited enter the area dancing Khuallam. Hand woven Mizo cloth known as Puandum is wrapped over the shoulders and the dance is performed by swaying the cloth.

Cheraw Dance
Mizoram's Cheraw DancesIt is one of the most popular folk dances of the tribal community in the country and one of the oldest traditional dance of the people of Mizoram. The feat of the dance is that the men sit on the ground face to face, tap long bamboo staves and they open and close it up in rhythmic beats.

Sarlamkai/Solakia Dance
Mizoram's Sarlamkai/Solakia DancesThis meaningful war dance originated from the communities of Pawi and Mara, which reside in the southern part of Mizoram. In olden days, the tribes were constantly at war with each other and this ceremony was performed to deride the vanquished by holding the beheaded skull of the enemy which was held by the victor.

Chailam Dance
Mizoram's Chailam DancesChailam, a popular dance performed during the festival of 'Chapchar Kut' which is regarded as one of the most important festivals. Here, the women hold on to the waist of the men and the man on the women's shoulder.

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