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Maharashtra's Koli DancesIt is said that dance is one of the best mediums through which you can express yourself. So, what better way to know about the culture of the state than through exploring its various dance forms. The people of Maharashtra celebrate a large number of fairs and festivals and dancing, as a part of the celebration, is a feature that is common in almost all of them. Apart from that, there are a number of special occasions, such as weddings, where dance makes a part of the festivity. In this article, we have provided information on the most popular folk dances of the state.

The contributions from the great stalwarts of music and dance had made its traditions famous not allover the state but today whole country knows that the Lavani is the most famous and thrilling dance of Maharashtra. Listen to the beats of Dolki and it will remind you the drum beaters of Africa. Watch the Luvani dance and you will feel yourself in the carnival of Barazil. The religious festivals and occasions of the social entertainment have nurtured this culture in the state. Be a part of Elephanta dance festival in the month of February and witness the charisma of the music and the respective steps that will enthrall you than any thing else.

Folk Dances of Maharashtra
Maharashtra's Lavni DancesThe most famous dance form of Maharashtra is Lavani. Originated from the word 'lavanya' meaning beauty the dance is performed by the beautiful women in their traditional sari nauveri and is always accompanied by the songs relating to the social awareness, politics, religion, romance.

Maharashtra's Koli DancesKoli is one of the most popular dance form of Maharashtra that derives its name from the fisher folk of Maharashtra - Kolis. These fishermen are famous for their distinct identity and lively dances. Their dances consists elements from their occupation that is fishing.

Maharashtra's Tamasha DancesTamasha is one of the most important form of folk theater of Maharashtra. The word Tamasha is Persian and means fun or entertainment. This form is a blend of several different influences. Some scholars believe that this form of theater has been inspired by two forms of Sanskrit drama - the "Prahsana" and the "Bhana".

Maharashtra's Dindi DancesDindi is another folk dance of Maharashtra, which is performed on the Ekadshi day of the Hindu month of Kartik. The dance is based on Lord Krishna and his naughty, playful nature. It is basically a devotional dance, performed to the beats of Dindi, a small drum Dancers surround the musicians while performing the dance steps.

Maharashtra's Kala DancesKala is another folk dance form that describes the playful attitude of Lord Krishna. This dance form features a pot symbolizing fertility. The main attraction of this dance is the beat and the rhythm.

Dhangari Gaja
Maharashtra's Dhangari Gaja DancesThis particular dance form is performed by Dhangars or shepherds of Sholapur district of Maharashtra. The Dhangars earn their living by rearing sheep and goats. Their poetry is mainly inspired by the evergreen trees all around. The poetry is in a form called 'Ovi' which is made up of couplets. These poems also contain tales of the birth of their God "Biruba", in simple and basic lines.

Maharashtra's Povadas DancesPovadas are Marathi ballads, describing the events in the life of the great Maharashtrian leader, Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He holds a highly respected position in the hearts the people of Maharashtra. Through these ballads they remember Shivaji, a great hero of his time.

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