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Assam's Bihu DanceAssam being a land of composite culture reflects a chain of festivals of different tribes throughout the year.

It's as if people cross the threshold to come together with festive abandon and momentarily forget their tough lives.

Dance culture of Assam also represents another facet of Assam rich culture. There are two well known dance form in Assam, namely the Bihu Dance and the Sattriya Dance. Bihu dance is mostly performed during the Bihu festival and Sattriya Dance is a classical form of dance often termed together with the most popular classical dance of India like Kathak, Bharatnatyam etc.

The perfect fusion if heritage of tribes and subtribes has made Assam the home of the most colorful festivals. The major festival of Assam is Bihu in three forms, viz.Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu in April,Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu in January and Kati Bihu or Kongali Bihu in October/ November.

Rongali Bihu is celebrated by most of the races that inhabit there in their own colors and names. Thus parallels of Bihu among the races are Baisagu for Bodo Kacharis, Baikhu for Rabhas, Ali- Ai -Ligang for Misings, Bohhaggio Bishu for Deoris. Contemporaries of Magh Bihu are Nara-siga Bihu of Miring, Pushy Par. or Tushu Puja of tea tribe of Assam. Other community festivals of Assam are Rongker of Karbis, Rajini Gabra and Harni Gabra of Dimasa tribe. Assam's Satriya Dance

The simplicity of Assamese people is reflected in their celebration. Festivals take place in a communal way, usually in a Namghar or in open space. Bamboo sticks and banana leaves are profusely used and rather than offering cooked food, nutritious food such as sprouted grams and fruits are offered during worship.

Dances Of Assam
Assam's Bihu DanceBihu Dance
Bihu is Assam's one of the most important festivals. Cutting across the bars of class and caste, it celebrated by all and sundry. There are three such festivals in Assam: in the months of 'Bohaag' (mid April), 'Maagh' (mid January), and 'Kaati' (mid October).

Satriya Nritya
Assam's Satriya NrityaSatriya, The Beautiful Classic Dance of Assam. During winter (November- February) the best place to see the Satriya dance is Guwahati. A tourist to Assam during winter would do well to find out if their visits coincide with the annual Satriya Dance festival organised by one of the following institutions : Puspanjall Cultural Academy, Sangeet Satra, Srimanta Sankardev Sangha andSatra Mahasabha. The Satriya Dance festival organised by these institutions would normally have all the facts of this dance including Dhemalis by Goyan Bayans. Apart from this, many institutions show Satriya Dance on the make shift open stages during Bihufestival (April May) The lively and colourful folk dances of Assam.
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