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Theme Wedding in IndiaWedding celebration is an event of a lifetime for all Indians. Everybody wants to make his or her wedding ceremony special. They want to celebrate the function in such a manner that it will be remembered for long time. The most recent trend that has come in fashion to make a wedding ceremony special is a 'theme wedding concept'. Basically, a theme wedding is arranging and execution every aspect of a wedding based on a particular theme. Though this trend was not popular in India five years back, in recent years it has caught the fancy of lots of people. In case you are planning to give your weeding a particular theme, you can go for options like romantic theme, fantasy theme, fairytale theme, royal theme to name a few. Here are few tips for how you should go for a theme wedding.

Planning a Theme Wedding
1. First of all be pretty sure about what wedding theme suits you and your partner. Do
    not simply go on instinct; go for a proper research to see what you actually require.
    Also, judge your budget. If you are opting for royal theme or romantic or fantasy theme
    than the overall budget will be high because this kind of theme requires heavy Decor
    as one cannot cut down on the backdrops.

2. Once you are decided with your theme, look for the feasibility of its ambience and
    acceptance by your elders. s marriage is a social as well as religious ritual, you have
    little obligations to select a theme that suits elders as well as kids. You should not go
    for themes that are not considered auspicious like ghost theme or any such theme.

3. Theme Wedding in IndiaThese wedding themes can be used for all the pre wedding, main day and post
    wedding functions or it can be used in both pre wedding
    ceremonies and for the reception ceremony.

4. If a wedding planner is planning your ceremony then he or she will
    plan it according to your budget. However, if you are going for it
    yourself, a proper research over ambienceand other important aspects like menu and
    attire becomes mandatory.

5. One very important factor in a theme wedding is the size of the venue. An open venue
    would require more elaborate decor and lighting and thus it will be more expensive
    than indoor decoration. This kind of decor basically requires a lot of pillars and columns
    with     intricate designs. So check out your budget and availability of venue before you
    finalize some theme.

6. The theme of the wedding should not only be limited to the party hall. It should be
    showcased at the home Decor also. If the theme is of a traditional and ethnic wedding
    than the Decor should have colors, which are very Indian like orange, red, maroon or
    bandhni drapes along with gold and zari tissue surrounding the entire living area.

7.Theme Wedding in India Flower theme is also a very good option to choose, as flowers look beautiful and
    classy. Fresh flowers like roses, orchids, carnations, marigold,
    gerberas, etc. can give a very unconventional look to the usual

8. If somebody wants a western wedding theme than can also be
    given by using colors, which are light like pastel shades, mauve, peach or sea blue and
    pink used with silver and fresh flowers like carnations, baby roses or lilies.

9. Last but not the least, whatever is your theme, keep homogeneity in the ambience all
    over the place so that it looks completely real.

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Our wedding planner will make all the provisions available to accomplish your idea of a perfect wedding in Rajasthan. The princely charms and the pleasing etiquettes of this city of Kings and royal families will surely amuse your guests in all its warm welcoming ways. Thus, with the backdrop of palaces and forts one can actually experience the exuberance of palace weddings which is surely to be remembered for life.

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